Your home to roots music, no matter what your roots are.

The Roots Barn, an iconic shrine for music and a campus for community every day and night of the year. 

Established in 2022, The Barn serves as a platform to emotionally connect performers with the audience. As a music and events venue located in Madison, TN, just 9 miles from Downtown Nashville, our team hosts events nightly, from stand alone concerts, to residencies, Sunday Soul Brunch, Music City Roots Wednesday night shows and Private Events.

Stemming from the Music City Roots family, our dynamic team was able to build out a concept of a facility creating a space that feels a bit like old Europe, a bit like the old industrial South and a bit like the inside of a giant acoustic guitar. With weathered paneling, supported by a state-of-the art, time-aligned sound system, as well as lighting that will exceed the needs of any television production, we are equipped to entertain up to 600 music aficionados from all around the world.

The campus comes fully equipped with companion buildings for the gift shop, WMOT Radio Cafe and an artist green room. The Roots Barn is history in the making, for Nashville, for Madison and most importantly for the performing arts in the South.

Building The Barn

From sourcing the 100 year old barn wood from the lands of Big Timberworks in Gateway, Montana, to a sawmill in Oregon, to the tobacco barns in North Carolina, our timber frames hold up a mezzanine level running around three walls of the hall and a roof ridge 60 feet above our wooden floors.

Madison Tennessee

One of the results of East Nashville’s growth is that it has forced the relocation of much of the forward-thinking creative community responsible for the amazing cultural shift. Thus, the emerging “New Bohemia” in Metro Nashville is Madison. The Nashville and Davidson County government understands this, which is the impetus behind the Madison Station Blvd. development. The city also understands that the area needs a centerpiece. A “crown jewel”, if you will, that serves not only as a central attraction, but also a vehicle to contextualize the heritage and history of the area.

“Far enough out from the city — but not too far — Madison felt like the country, but offered the conveniences of a cutting-edge suburb. In its heyday, seemingly everyone there knew someone performing on the “Grand Ole Opry,” and they lived in the neighborhood ranch homes on large, mostly unfenced lots.” — The Tennessean

The Roots Barn Land and Site Heritage Acknowledgement

The Roots Barn acknowledges that the land our venue sits on is the ancestral territory of the Cherokee and Shawnee tribal nations. We recognize and respect Indigenous People as the traditional stewards of this land, and continue today to contribute to the life of this city. We honor their stories – told and untold – and the people of the past, present, and future who have greatly contributed to this land’s sacredness.

Additionally, as we sit within close proximity to the rail lines, we honor the Black people who built the L&N Railroad. Though we are not on the original campus for Amqui station, we stand with the original building and must acknowledge the many Black soldiers who fought for our country yet were not able to enter the front door of the station.

We are committed to the ongoing sharing of the accurate history of this land, of this community, and of all roots music. As a result, you will experience a full spectrum of roots music that encompasses the drumbeat of the Indigenous communities, is strummed by the banjo that originated on the continent of Africa, and resides in the stringed instruments of Latin communities. We also want to acknowledge the current vibrant Spanish-speaking community and culture here in Madison.

Home to roots music, no matter what your roots are.

También nos gustaría reconocer la vibrante comunidad y cultura de hispanohablantes aquí en Madison.

Amqui Station

Amqui Station was once a functional train depot, built in 1910. It was the last stop, on the edge of Music City, before arriving at Union Station in downtown. Johnny Cash so loved Amqui Station that he purchased it in 1979 to save it from demolition. He had it relocated to his property in Hendersonville, where it remained until his death. However, Johnny had bequeathed the money to return the antique station and its contents to its original home. It stands there now, not far from its once-functional place along the tracks. It is now a stand-alone museum, operating as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation: Discover Madison, Inc. 

Now our forever neighbors, we utilize Amqui Station for an open air event space, community center and historic landmark.

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